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Dress Code

​A strict dress code is followed in all classes. This teaches students discipline and allows instructors to make corrections and view dancer's lines.

Ballet & Modern Classes:

Female students wear pink or skin tone tights, pink or skin tone ballet slippers and selected leotard in the color/style according to class levels, listed below.  Hair should be neatly up in a bun.

Elementary Ballet & Creative Movement - Light pink

Ballet I - Light blue

Ballet II - Light blue

Ballet III - Royal Blue

Ballet IV - Maroon/Burgundy

Ballet V - Black

Ballet VI - Black

Male students wear black tights or leggings, dance belt, white T-shirt, white socks, and black or white canvas slippers.

Adult dancers are encouraged to wear a solid color leotard with tights and ballet slippers, but fitted clothing is allowed.

Modern dancers may also wear black tights and are barefoot.

​Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical & Acro Classes:

Students may wear appropriate level leotard or fitted shirt / tank top, with fitted shorts, jazz pants, or leggings. Solid colors are preferred.  Tan jazz shoes should be worn in jazz classes.  Contemporary dancers may be either barefoot or use dance socks.  Acro classes are done barefooted.

Hair should be pulled back off the face.

Hip-Hop & Street Dance Classes:

Students wear loose, baggy clothing and clean tennis shoes.

Please NO BLACK MARKING SHOES! Includes black leather jazz shoes, black soled sneakers, black leather ballet flats, etc.

Attendance Policy

Missed Classes can be made up by approval in the classes of the same level or one level lower.  There will be no refunds for missed classes.

Classes missed due to illness or injury may be credited to future balance.

Students may only take classes at their designated level except with approval from the Director.

Class Cancellation Policy

Students will be notified via email or text message in the case class cancellation due to inclement weather, power loss, etc.  Instructors will make up classes at the end of the term (or classes will be credited if term does not allow for a makeup).


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