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GLAD's COVID-19 Policies and FAQs

Why Dance during a Pandemic?

Dance benefits a student in so many ways! The physical benefits of dance are vast and include: improved coordination and balance, muscle strength, self discipline, training in musicality, brain and cardiovascular benefits and so many more! But dance is also a social art form, in which dancers can express themselves through movement and connect to others in class or rehearsals. Providing that strong and safe community for dancers to come together during these times, be it virtually or in-person, is something GLAD is so proud to offer to our students and families.

The Health of our students, faculty and our families is so important to us! Here are some of the measures GLAD is taking:


  • Masks are worn by faculty, students and parents at all times inside the building.

  • Dancers remain socially distanced within classes. Spaces are marked our 10-12 feet within the studios. 

  • In-person classes have a cap on how many we can safely fit in our spaces.  Rotations will be used for large classes.

  • Barres are sanitized between each class, as well as paper coverings placed for each dancer to further keep hands clean.

  • Waiting areas are currently closed to maintain social distancing.

  • Parents or family members should not wait for students inside the building. Exceptions will be made for students under the age of 5.

  • Students arrive no more than five minutes before their class time.

  • Students must wash hands before and after classes. Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the building to use.

  • High touch areas are sanitized throughout the day.

  • Random temperature checks may be done by the front office desk.


Hybrid Dance Classes - Offering certainty in uncertain times

Almost all of GLAD's Fall 2020 classes are being offered both Virtually and In-person! Dancers and families have the ability to choose what works best for them, and we know that might change week to week. Need to quarantine for a family trip? Someone in the family not feeling well? Just don't have enough cars? We want to give you the confidence that your child will still be able to participate in classes, see their friends and teachers, and never miss a beat! Should we need to go all virtual, your schedule and class times will not change, and classes continue on!


My child loves performing! What opportunities could there be this year?

The arts communities throughout the world have been affected during these times. While we all miss performing, it has also been a time of great growth and learning! Dancers will have a chance to perform this year in some capacity. We will be doing our part to think outside the box and provide these experiences in new and exciting ways!

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