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A Dance Creation Intensive
August 7 - 11, 2024

Choreoforge is a five day dance intensive designed for high school, college, and adult dancers who want to learn more about the craft of choreography and have the opportunity to create short works.

Choosing one of three paths, a participant may elect to be a Dancer, Choreographer, or Dancer/Choreographer. All participants will have a daily class exploring and discussing a different facet of choreography and dance creation.

As a Dancer...

Students will be exposed to a range of styles and dance forms in 1-2 daily classes.  These classes will include, but may not be limited to ballet, modern, jazz, character, ballroom, and more. Having a broad and diverse movement vocabulary is a key element to dance making.  Following the Choreographic Session, Dancers have the option to stay and be cast into dances in the evening.  ($115, or $30 for single day)

As a Choreographer...

Following the Choreographic Session, participants will be given time to develop works integrating concepts from the day's Session.  An open Showing of the works-in-progress will take place on Sunday at GLAD Studios. The number of Choreographers accepted will be limited, depending on dancer participation. ($75)

As a Dancer/Choreographer...

Participants who wish to do both the dance classes and develop works follow this track, and will be able to take the dance classes, will be included as a dancer for evening projects, and will also be able to develop material in the evening choreography sessions.  This is the track we recommend to get the most out of the intensive.  ($125, or $35 for single day)

The Schedule...

Wednesday, Aug 7 - Friday, Aug 9

4 - 6pm  Dance class(es)

6 - 7pm  Choreographic Session

7 - 9pm  Work Creation time

Saturday, Aug 10

10 - 12pm  Dance class(es)

12 - 1pm  Choreographic Session

1 - 4pm   Work Creation time

Sunday, Aug 11

2 - 3pm  Dance class

3 - 4pm  Showing preparation

4pm  Showing for Works-in-Progress

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